Monday, February 25, 2013

An attitude of gratitude

I realized my attitude of gratitude has been on the decline lately, so coming across this inspirational quote by Milton is probably one of life's little epiphanies.

I'm currently on a strange path, a path I never envisioned I'd be walking in. It's a little scary, a little exciting, and a little lonely all at the same time but at the end of my night I know I'm blessed for this newfound opportunity. At times I yearn for a companion, someone who shares my intimate details down to the most trivial anxieties but I know this is a journey meant to be travelled alone most of the time.

We come into this thing called life alone..and just like that, we must leave alone. An attitude of gratitude helps us to count our blessings that exist in the form of family, friends, lovers & children but at the end of it all, we must first and foremost be kind to ourselves and nurture our individual journeys.

Excited for tomorrow's encounters, epiphanies, experiences & teachings. Tomorrow is another day, a day that I will strive to live out better than today.