Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day

Spent another busy weekend with family. Even the three-day holiday weekend was not enough to satisfy my incessant hunger for rest, relaxation and extra sleep. This year we decided to watch the fireworks at my old High school.

Walking by the old HS gym and rows of lockers holdings memories of our carefree adolescent days made me smile and filled my heart with an overwhelming sense of longing. Longing for youth, longing for ideals, longing for the carefree spirit that only resides in young hearts.

I hear my daughter shriek with excitement after every sound, every movement of the fireworks. Her eyes are filled with the color of the sky. I am finally ready to acknowledge that the same carefree spirit now resides in her eyes. It's my turn, my time to detach from old memories and make room for new ones.

Happy independence day.